Discord Nitro custom tag should just revert to what it was before you changed it when your subscription ends.


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  • Starfield_9
    So you want to be able to get back the old discriminator after a nitro subscription ends? I will note that someone can always end up getting that discriminator again, blocking you from getting that exact number again.
  • Zacatero
    You can comment on suggestions, no need to submit a new one as a comment
  • RPS1222

    There are over 10000 people on discord. Some tags are going to repeat and they’re gonna want you to renew the subscription, so they aren’t going to let you keep the nitro tag. There’s a very low chance that someone will have the exact same username and still have the 1/9999 chance to get the exact same numbers that you had before.

  • Magikarp
    Almost impossible, if for example you was "Aka#2254" and with your nitro you change to "Aka#0001", other "nitro" or random people can get (by chance for non-nitro) "Aka#2254". It's (imo) would be really difficult i think
  • megannnjay
    Discord can't guarantee that they'd be able to return a discriminator to you once it's been changed since it goes back into the pool of available discriminators for that particular username
  • TGaming

    If it is free, it should return.. (If not than randomize) I had #0780 then i set #0001 now i have #7156

  • tHoR™

    yeah  It should be returned or there will be given a choice that you want old tag back or not


  • no1_esper

    If available, revert the tag to the original otherwise randomize it. Most greedy feature in nitro to be honest to keep your subscription running.

  • Рома

    I agree, it is better to make it possible to return to the original tag

  • idiot

    i agree


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