Make a feature so that you can search for servers to join


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    This is indeed a very clever idea, to prevent the creation of "same servers" and for server owners it wouldn't be needed to keep sharing/spamming their invite link everywhere to reach as many people as possible. If there would be an option to search for servers, it'll be solved. Though add a switch for server owners if they want their server to be visible and if so, the invite link should be visible too, as you can't join the server in any other way that I know.

  • Stephanie3965

    I really wish the red notifications bar would stop popping up and forcing me to scroll down to make it go away. I've seen the new search bar half a dozen times, can't it please stop making me think it's a ping in one of my servers? 

  • spaghettil

    Completely agree, it has been annoying to have to scroll down to the discovery every single time I log in just to see the same thing every time.

  • astronomicon

    This.  I have absolutely no interest in joining gaming servers.  Why can't I hide this from my server bar, or at least not get a notif about it.  I don't care, and could not care any less than I do.

  • Zacatero
    this is already possible with the quick switcher. You can just search a server name, and it will show up as a results
  • lengo
    This sounds like a cool idea. Then, everyone can share their servers.
  • vaccinatedape

    Control/Command + K or click this

    (the search bar) to look up everything from the usernames of people on the servers you're on, a summary of your unread messages and most importantly, search any server you're on by name or any channel in it.

    A global server search doesn't exist to respect the privacy of people who don't want the invites and names for their private servers going public. 

  • Dana

    So.. how about verified servers search ;-) If their admins wanted to be verified, their best interest is to stay public and visible so ppl could join them easily (after all those are game publishers/devs, artists and teams for whom visibility = $).


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