Send a message with your friend request


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  • Config Failure

    Nice Idea, hope this passes!

  • Bastet

    make. this. happen.


    I really want this feature. This is one of the few things that are better about Skype at the moment.

  • CinderBilly

    This is exactly what I was about to suggest. I feel that this would increase the quality in requesting to be friends. I just really hope discord listens to us. 

  • Spud
    This is great idea! It would be good for telling a friend who you are irl when you send a friend request - that would save a lot of hassle.
  • index.ts
    That would be nice but the way you explained it in your suggestion kinda defeats the purpose of disabling it...
  • Destiny Rainbow

    Well, if one can send messages, it can be a lot of messages and notifications, oppositely to my suggestion one could only send one short message in the friend request area and that would be it.

  • Auroraah

    Very nice idea ! 

  • Nathan l’ours blanc

    Zats euh goud aïdi déstini. Wi hadd tou sink eubaout ite!

  • PNWParksFan

    Definitely necessary. To prevent abuse, add user profile option for "max friend request length", being a slider from 0-250 characters. Also allow only plain text, no emojis, images, or markdown formatting. 

  • Terranzeus

    Any chance of this devs?

  • potted_🐧penguin

    Was just about to suggest this myself, I would love to see this implemented in the future!

  • hiccups

    I often pass my discord tag to friends or put it in my public profile. Later someone adds me and I have absolute no clue who this person is. If there would be a small message explaining who the person is, it would be easier for me to decide whether to accept the request or not.

    I think this feature is pretty important!

  • xuegui

    Uh, how is this gaping hole still not repaired?

  • Noxon

    So bad this is still not implemented.

  • Sora

    Highly needed feature, please look into this. I also support the idea to only allow plain text and limit the amount of characters for this "Friend Request Message".

  • NikkoJT

    Somewhat baffling that Discord has the time for terrible logo redesigns but not for fairly basic features like this

  • VNNI

    This is highly needed, yes please!

  • Ghostship

    What's to stop you from sending a FR with a MSG and then unsending it, and sending another, and unsending and so on and so on?

  • hiccups

    Please implement this. 🙏

  • hiccups

    We need this. Please.


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