Bot Guild Inviter


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  • Jacky.

    Yes indeed


  • IceTheDev

    Very needed! 

  • SkittlesTM

    Can you elaborate on that though, how can it really help?

    Also, shouldn't the bot be the one responsible to add this feature?

  • Isabel
    It's not exactly what you asked for, but you can set this up somewhat by including an identify scope in your OAuth URL to find out who exactly authorized it. Of course, this is just a workaround to your suggestion. Also, how would the bot be provided with the information of who added it, if your suggestion was accepted?
  • VimHax

    Maybe an event could be triggered with the information of the person who invited the bot & server which the bot got invited to

  • chloroform chloe

    VimHax the discord library gets its info from the API then emits it as an event. So the Discord API needs to pass the info, not the library,


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