Request to have more than 500 channels


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  • Spud
    500 channels in a server is definitely enough for everyone. I don't see the point in this.
  • Erzul


    Super idée, j'adorerais essayer ton serv !

    J'espère qu'il y aura plus de vote xD

  • Quijesui Pro Du Jade🗽

    J adore le concepttttt
    Non en vrai y a de l idée franchement j aime bien
    Les mecs qui ne vote pas je vous vois 👀

  • KensonPlays

    I personally do not see a reason to have more. 500 should be plenty for ALL servers. Do you have like a channel for each member? That's a bit overboard imo.

  • server tester

    The thing is, we have created a school server, and aim to add the different degrees. But since there is a limit we are forced to split them into different servers.

  • Meowrin

    I think we should be able to have the option of having more than that many so we don't have to split them up. Discord is  used for all sorts of things and not just idle chat. And having the option of more channels would be very very nice to have.


    YES PLEASE!!!!! Also, whoever downvoted this post is gay. LMAO

  • DogeisCut

    I agree.


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