The ability to see the username of a deleted person at the time they deleted their account


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    The idea itself is pretty good, but there is one thing. But there are people that just completely want everything of them that is on the internet to be gone. In the EU there is even a law that every user has the right to completely remove their account including every bit of information about them.

  • ImRock

    Once someone is deleted discord has to respect that all data that could link to that person is to be removed so they kinda have to make it anonymized

  • KingEstarossa

    This also pops up when someone gets a ban as well not just manually deleted discords I wish they would display who got ban I had many friends that had been ban not knowing who some of them were really good friends and sense they got deleted ill never get to talk to them again.

  • DauKho

    @wat Pretty sure only a rocket scientist can figure out how to make a second fake account to try and add you so they can keep harassing you, right?

    i happen to have a restraining order against my ex

    i run a multitude of discords as I am leader of many clans/guilds across many platforms


    my ex uses discord like its his iPhone, every couple of days he adds me on a fake account and proceeds to attempt to troll me, and ends up blocked 

    Try explaining to police ‘deleted user’ is someone you actually know 


    think before speaking 

  • I Am The Lain

    Maybe only for friends then? You should at least be able to know who was there once upon a time?

  • God Red

    That happened to one of my friends who deleted discord but a just a few hours another one of my friends deleted discord what I can still see his user name

  • Peter YT Productions

    Exactly. Your right. It’s sad when people’s account gets deleted or they deleted it by themselves. Like imagine you got reported for no reason or you deleted it by yourself. Like what if you had nitro and you spent so much on it. And it’s also sad cause then you/your friend can’t access you or their account anymore! Like can discord just do “Ukiae [Disabled User]”? With their pfp still on? Instead of “Deleted User” (random string)?#0000.... That would be much better so you know who you were chatting with. And then they take it off when they changed their mind or they appealed. Loosing a discord account is worse than not being able to talk to a friend.

  • DauKho

    The its the law argument is invalid regardless of where in  the world you are. It was a conversation exchanged between 2 or more people, and those people have as much legal right to be able to keep the information that was exchanged including the name of the user.
    Removing it means discord is literally the best app to make death threats to people, and harass the living **** out of them.
    Which is actually illegal.


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