Raiders in Discord



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    Dabbit Prime

    Hi there! Thanks for wanting to report a user that might be violating our Terms of service. You can reach out Trust and Safety team via and for fastest turnaround time, please read over this article: However, this website is for suggestions of new features to add to Discord, so I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • 𐌊Δ𐌄𐌋

    Sorry if i gave you so much problems. 

  • mi5ha

    so, i think this is not a breaking rules of Discord. You may ban them, if it's your server. They maybe breaking your's server rules.

  • ArtemCord

    Mixei, this break Discord Community Guidelines. Read for more info

  • ArtemCord

    𐌊Δ𐌄𐌋, This is a problem not only for me. For server owner and member it is a big problem.

  • mi5ha

    ArtemCord, so, i think you need to post a id of guild, or a messages id?

  • Kr.TNT2



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