Name changing time limit


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  • [Ax1] Beysi Her

    Nah make it like 5 minutesssss

  • Sxnsation

    mance its likes 0

  • Lucky_Ducky

    Honestly I agree like I was trying to find a name that suited a picture I had and now I'm stuck with Kenny McCormick fan or something like that and it kinda sucks

  • Mintro

    ok everyone is overreacting like I can't change my yt name for 3 months and u peeps mad about this 1 hour wait smh also my yt is Bareson lol 


    still tho make it 10 min or something

  • Cole Cuts


  • Tres

    The name limit shouldnt be that long anyway it should only be like 30 - 5 secs i cant change my name too

  • kailer

    I had mine as Heidi Klum and I changed it twice and now I don't want to wait an hour...

  • Mintro

    guys its only like a 30 sec wait now

  • Mariass

    No its not??!??!?!!?!?


  • $yth

    25 Minutes at most would be ideal. Waiting an hour is absurd

  • Mintro

    oh mai just wait it out it isnt that bad watcha sh0w or smth till then :DD

  • Lucky_Ducky

    Like it's not that long but an hour kinda is a bit much

  • Nut

    You can change your name or tag twice per hour, pretty stupid but understandable i guess.

  • SpOwOky OwOky Kryn


  • Fidget 4200

    How many times can you change your name?

  • DeadstickAvian

    The name change limit literally is a bit too much from what I'm hearing though. Usually I'll change my name to fix something on it, change it again to joke around, and then I can't change it back and kids get scared or some shit. It would be best to make it at least 15 minutes or something though. And then after 15 minutes it's 30 minutes if you keep continuously changing it in a single day. After a complete day (12 o'clock midnight) it could just reset back to 15 minutes or something.

  • Techno's brother

    Exactly... I HATE THE TIME LIMIT. I was trying to change my tag and my name and it said oh to many times

  • Abusinq

    Change the limit plz... Im stuck as a meme for an hour.

  • Chill

    wtf for me i cant even change it twice in an hour. if i change it once, i have to wait to change it again. and i had to wait a few hours before i could change it

  • Felux137

    At the very least, if the name you're trying to use has "too many people" using it, that shouldn't count toward the timer. I just wanna change it once, and if the other names are taken, that's fine, but I don't wanna have to wait an hour just to find that the next two on the waiting list are taken as well, and not be able to change my name at all.

  • Jessica

    Yeah so I let a sibling use my discord because he's a lot younger, didn't want to make an account, and wanted to duel his friend on pokecord- so I went from "Jessica Li" to "dank" and I can't chnage it back


  • natsumes book of apple dumbplink

    my bf changes my name and then changes it again to chicken little so i have to wait to change it back and im tired of waiting an hour to change my name to "i hate my boyfrie

  • chari, free hugs ;3

    I'm actually able to wait for 10 minutes, but an hour? jeez that's overkill, please change it

  • Kitsune

    The time limit is so damn annoying. I wanted to change my username but I didn't like it, so then I changed it again and it said too many people had that name so I had to wait an hour??? I don't think people having the same name as you should count, because the name doesn't even actually change. Please take that away and push it down to at the most 30 minutes; 60 minutes is way too damn overkill.

  • eee

    literally changed my name to eee and discord is liking me not stay this and not allow me to change to omega lmao

  • Ruzzix⁶⁶⁶🥱🤷🏻♀

    Honestly tho

  • Ruzzix⁶⁶⁶🥱🤷🏻♀

    See my emoji is like that 😂

  • S҉a҉l҉l҉y҉ ҉F҉a҉c҉e҉

    honestly a shorter time would be great. i accidentally clicked save while trying to see what i liked better and now im stuck with a painful to read username until i can change it again asdfghjkl

  • jason_chay

    I can’t change my name anymore fcrap

  • heirielly

    I agree,
    What makes it worse- having a 1 hour cooldown on name changes is that. If you attempt to change your name, but for some reason it says it failed. They still count that as an attempt.



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