Highlight / Mouse over spoilers to reveal contents


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  • Togusa

    I agree: Spoilers should be revealed / hidden like they do on tvtropes.org and similar sites: Highlight the spoiler text to reveal it; de-select it do hide it again.  This would fix the concern moderators have of having to click every single spoiler where users have spoiler-tagged multiple things on a post.  Just swipe, and done.  (More effective than mouse-over, which would not reveal more than one spoiler at a time.)  This would also offer a more consistent user experience.

  • TheNSAagent

    I'll upvote your suggestion, but also amend it:

    Add a right-click menu option to "Toggle Spoiler" as a per-message function.

    Instantly shows/hides all spoilers in the message for faster "treasure hunts."


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