Profile Upgrade (Express Yourself!)


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  • flohhh

    Don't forget profile banners!

  • MJD

    not in place of notes but i like the idea!

  • SkyLight Gaming

    (Also the bios are public to everyone, unlike notes)

  • Per_von_Harke

    1. yeah , will get abused, but might be nice

    2. yes!
    3. this ain't a dating/social media app. You already have linked game accounts and that is what I think Discord is about. Just Games.
    But I would support a feature where you could choose one server where you are in that is displayed on your profile for others to join.
    4. What is the point of that? I don't think is is necessary.

  • Bakuenjin

    @Per_von_Harke thanks for your feedback and criticism! Some ideas were really just ideas, to give you an understanding of what I mean when I think about a userpage.

    You are right though, that too many information and links would make it appear like a generic social media app. But I think at least a small text to write about yourself should exist, in the end noone forces you to actually use it. Your idea of featuring a server on a users profile is also great!

    About my 4th bullet point, at a second though it really feels unnecessary, so you are completly right.

  • FoxyTeacup

    1 and 2 is absolute must have. And I like third too. The thing is that Discord support of connection is *bit* too limited. I want to link my Origin, my username from some MMO etc but I can't.

  • Per_von_Harke

    @2442 yeah thats bad. A integration of more gameservices/launchers and what not (gaming related) is completly necessary. I agree 100% in that regard. But what I meant with don't do it was that the link will be used for NSFW content and other stuff that should not be the primary reason to use discord. (And sadly is. Which gives Discord a bad reputation)

  • flame

    I really like the idea of discord becoming more then just a platform to game or chat on, becoming a social place just for yourself. taking these steps would really really inch towards that

  • Preston

    User page like facebook. but if discord have that option, Discord would be a winner!.

    got bored of facebook. but im using discord nowaday

  • rj.

    We need this. Maybe it could  be one of the new nitro perks and normal users have a limited set of options.

  • Duwang

    please I rlly want this

  • Phantom

    Whats also important to me is what languages a member can speak and if someone has a microphone or not. An own textfield for this in profile would be nice. Sometimes I find people which speak german and english and sometimes I find players who can speak russian or other language. It is important if you are looking for a group for example.

  • Angelo

    +1 for timezone. Its a must!

  • cark

    Would be abused really easily, eg people adding badges to their profile, nsfw images, but sure something like this could be cool

  • cark

    Feel like this would be abused easily.. plus there's no real need, it's not a dating app yknow

  • ark


  • cark

    Just not sure this is needed, plus it would inevitably lead to people wanting it to be custom for each server, may as well just post in an introductions section or whatever equivalent a server has, plus you could just add like twitter etc and just use the bio there

  • EpicPix

    i mean ok

  • Selkie_Smooth


  • Jon.

    Was about to make a similar suggestion. My main want out of what was listed is the "About Me" section but I want it to have some restrictions like limited characters and no links allowed.

    If it is possible for the support people that work for Discord, then maybe the devs can have the "About Me" section go through a manual approval period. That way they can make sure no one is putting stuff in this section that is illegal or against the ToS.

    +1 for this list though.

  • Mees

    We really need this. Just some space to write something about yourself (or something else you want to put on your profile).

  • victor

    Still want an about me page (skype had it)

  • zVortex


  • Sean Robertson

    To people saying "not needed", maybe not for your community, but it's ridiculous to assert there isn't a legitimate need for such a thing. I'm a member of a 3D graphics Discord where members use a variety of different programs (Blender, Lightwave 3DS Max, Houdini, etc.). Knowing what program someone uses is going to change suggestions we might make in reply to works in progress, or answers to help questions. We absolutely need such a feature. A lot of time is wasted right now just asking what someone's using (or posting ideas related to some specific programs when it's another).

    This is not a difficult feature request unless Discord is truly that poorly architected, in which case they need to rethink it anyway. There's no reason this request should be languishing for years.

  • Bentroen

    Still waiting for this. I love to know more about the people I find online and also letting them know what I do!

  • Doc

    Still waiting for this after two years and it's still one of the highest voted suggestions in its category...   If it's unanswered after all this time because there's no plans for it then they should just say so already.

  • Yasmin Seidel

    I made image examples about the timezone feature :3
    I made these images inspired by Slack's design. It is software for companies with a layout similar to Discord and it already has this functionality.

    This is the url of my other comment with the timezone feature test:

    The images here :3

  • Twilight__1210

    they added the about me

  • ~ Polly ~

    Yes! I love this idea! But i have a question- So i've been able to see the About Me recently. It says "Beta" besides my About Me paragraph, but nobody can see it and none of my friends has this function... May i know how is this happening?

  • LongEbbe567

    Well i cant access the About Me because im so lost in the menus, could someone help me find it?


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