Option to Prevent the Ability to Download Sent Media


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  • ||Jojo||
    Everything you want to view/read on the internet get downloaded to the device, so the only way for you to prevent something like that is to take care where you share your work and try to force your copyright law where it has been re-uploaded.
  • Tsedeq

    @Jojo has a point even if there was such a feature with screen capture and snipping tools becoming more popular a download prevention option would be useless IMO. Would be best to DM personal work to those friends than share it on a public server or create a room with a role that only your trusted friends can enter, that would be your best option IMO.

  • brendan (hei_br)

    While all the foregoing is true (especially the point about screenshots), that doesn't mean that introducing a bit more friction to downloading is useless. Even having to click "open original" to open the original file in a browser is a very small source of friction that creates enough time to stop impulse downloading. A reasonable additional layer of friction would be having a channel setting where the options to open the original or get a link to the post don't show up when interacting with a file in the channel. As mentioned, it wouldn't be perfect, but it absolutely would result in a decrease by increasing the amount of effort it would take.

  • Yash Gandhi

    You are right brother, I'm also having this problem.


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