Muting channels/servers on mobile|Add the ability to mute channels and servers on mobile. It’s kinda stupid that you can’t mute channels and servers from mobile.


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  • username
    You can. To mute the server, click the three dots next to the server name then select "Notification Settings." To mute a channel, click on the channel name and select "Notification Settings." Both of these will have the option to mute at the top.
  • Milanzzo 💀

    When there's 40 channels it would be nice to have more option like mute whole category or whole server.. then uncheck the ones you're interested in

  • EndlessSubset92

    It it is absolutely stupid that you can’t stop discord calls on iOS. There should be no reason for such a basic feature to not be available. I have every server muted, all discord notifications turned off, and dnd on discord on and I still get call sounds. The only way to stop it is it use iOS dnd which stops all notifications.


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