Age Verification badge to prove a user's age


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  • Kurizu

    I Think this is a very nice idea. This would make jobs a LOT easier for NSFW servers when it comes to verifying ages. However; like others have said; discord wont have the time and resources for this. Probably The closest we can get to someone probably having their age verified is having a nitro subscription, but even then thats still kind of iffy. Instead of having discord staff verify this, there should be a community hub where other users can verify others.

    TL;DR - Make custom badges for users to have instead of just the default HypeSquad and Nitro badges.

    Community 18+ badges would be helpful verifying users age to make sure they're confirmed to be of legal age to view NSFW content. Having others verify your age for your badge would definitely make your life easier. This could have the possibility of being cheated, but it the end of the day its just an idea i had. 

  • Funderberker

    While I understand that Discord wouldn't have the time and resources to verify everyone's proof of age, I do think at the very least it'd be nice if users were required to register their date of birth so that 18+ or minor info can be visible. Sure, people will still lie, but much less so than before since a lot of member only think to lie about their age once they want 18+ access on a server.

  • Dutoorkest

    Everyone so far has a good point.
    Though now I honestly don't even know why I tried to come up with a solution to combat pedophilia and underage users viewing NSFW content. I was hoping this would help discord, but I guess what I got is not so bright of an idea. I'll need to think of another way.

    Thank you for your input.

    I'm not mad, just disappointed my idea didn't turn out too well.

  • Lady Eisheth

    Y'all are acting like bots can't scan pictures. A bot could easily scan a photo ID and a picture of the user, match the facial geometry, check the birthdate section, and then verify from there. And if there's a mistake then a Discord staff member would need to get involved.  

  • Jophire

    They could outsource the work and pass the cost on to us as a 1 time fee.

  • Seba91ITA

    My profile has given me 4 years while I am 29 has blocked me all. moderation doesn't respond and I don't know if my emails are leaving!

  • afunhumaninter

    Sounds very good except that it's kinda too strict. I say that anyone who is at least 13 can change their privacy settings. Servers should be able to restrict server or individual channel access to 18+ if they choose. A verified adult badge, I think, should only be private and not to be seen by everyone else, kinda like on roblox. For example, if someone makes a server that has 15 channels, and one of the channels if for nsfw only, the person should have the right to lock the nsfw server to 18+. Restricting privacy settings to 18+ is unnecessary because I think all people who agree to Discord TOS should be able to change their privacy settings.

  • Random X Shadowolf

    please #discord give it to us


  • Xx_SuPeRsLaYeR_xX

    none of those except for the IDs are verifiable, and verifying those would take a lot more than the current employees (who are all too busy making discord anyways) to do. think about maybe how discord wouldn't be able to do this next time.



  • Scraayp
    I like this idea. But add than better security for users. To not abuse the thing
  • Bot Tester

  • SonicStars

    I'm 19(just turned 19)

  • Single Guys

    I am already 20 and I can strongly prove that i have 20 so let me very plss

  • Saul

    YES, Discord, please give us this!!

  • Glackis123123

    how do I verify?

    this is confusing


  • Estevanaraujovalladares

    First: How can people verify the validity of your document ? Answer, they cant. No matter where you “verify” with documents, only the own government which issues the ID or Passport can actually verify it, and only for their own needs. What these websites do is verify the minimum open signs that a document is the actual one, but they still unable to verify what in my country is a crime called “Ideological Falsification” which means the document can be verified as valid, but the data is not true. That can only be done by a legal demand. In any place, that is the way it is. So nothing will prevent a minor from having a fake ID and verifying it, only being caught when for some reason legal issues arise and then that fraud is detected. Besides that, no private corporation can actually know that a person is the ID holder, and this verification processes you see around for most non government regulated systems is just a “shut up measure”, meaning, “we have your id on file, so if we get in hot water, we can tell the judge you told us you were of that age, we are not liable”. But it does not prove the person is of an age. So there is no reason that would change anything to the server owner, or anyone who engage in behavior with a minor that has verified with a fake ID that passed the test. And yes, I know that from the other side. For example, I know how passports are verified even in Airports, so I know a corporation, not even for example the US gov itself, can verify a, lets say, Japanse Passport, without consulting the Japanese Gov. All verifications made are just pro forma to exempt the company from being accused of knowingly letting minors join content for adults, but there is no way to prevent them to actually do it by preemptively checking the validity of the document. 

    That to say, a verification of that nature prevents minors from joining adult content as much as a simple screen asking you to declare you are of age before accessing the content. 

    The only way to PREVENT minors from accessing content is good parenting, family values and good sense. Otherwise, I can cite to you from the top of my head 10 websites which build pictures for age verification with a range of documents, and software that creates virtual webcams to that end.

    The only way to effectively implement PREVENTION, not “SANCTIONS” of minors joining the server is to make human individual verification of every user who joins discord. That is why most websites do not do such verification, it is expensive, time consuming and in most cases, wont solve the problem.

    Some countries do have solved this by using other methods, like some Asian countries I wont name, which you only have to mark your content as adult content and their own ISP will verify their age before accessing content, provided they have their national ID. If you dont, sorry, no access, even if you are not a minor. Short of that, there is no way cost effective for a website to PREVENT minors from accessing adult content. Only their own “plausible deniability” device of storing people's ID. But if that minor never gets caught or suffers any illegal act, there is no way for the system to verify the actual validity of the document because the government wont breach the legal system just so a corporation can check IDs, as it can lead to a whole other can of worms, like corporations making ID checks under the excuse of age checking to get people's information. It is not because you did not gave your ID to a corporation that it cant get it.

  • Chaos_Zen

    I think that the most plausible/viable solution would be a trusted third-party verification source, and with a small one-time fee (such as $1.00 USD), that could then pass the verification code back to Discord to apply to a profile flag that servers or individual server channels could then use to allow or deny access to adult content. 
    By "trusted", I am referring to being trusted by Discord to manage age verification, as well as trusted by users to maintain their privacy. There are private verification services available, but they seem to only function by use of bots, and would then require individual servers to invite and/or subscribe to the use of the bot for fees which most server admins might not easily be able to afford. The few I have found and looked into want a monthly subscription fee which scales based on number of users in a server, which can be very prohibitive. If something official and affordable could be arranged by Discord officially, and paid for by a one-time user fee, it could be better and with more widespread usage throughout all of Discord.

    It's a good idea overall, I just think that the OP hadn't had the time to explore all options, as well as consider the efforts and time already required for just the development and continued operations of Discord as it currently stands.

  • ||Jojo||
    None of the game related programs like Steam/Epic Store does a real age/ID verification why should Discord do it?
  • Anonymous11037

    Hello I want to get verified to own an nsfw channel I’m 18 years of age and I can prove it by gladly sending a photo of my passport with my date of birth and name thank you for your time

  • Lost in the Fire

    i dont think so



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