[Suggestion] Created user accounts should be verified before to be able using them.


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  • Zto_theZ

    Here is some picture proof to back my suggestion up.

    Here is user with no email.

    [Finnish translation: Tässä on käyttäjä tunnus ilman sähköpostia]

    And here is same user with no email verified and other user with no email verified where bet can use voice channel and direct messages

    [Finnish translation: Tässä on kaksi käyttäjä tunnusta vahvistamattomalla sähköpostilla, jotka voi käyttää äänikanavia ja yksityisviestejä]

    DISCLAIMER: These picture are used in purpose to back this suggestion proofing that this is possible, any wrong use is you  do is not on me its on your responsibility.

    HUOMIO: Kaikki nämä kuvat on tarkoitettu todistamaan tätä parannusta varten olemasta olevasta ongelmasta, kaikki väärin käyttlö on omalla vastuullasi ei minun.

  • JawsHC


    so what if you dont need an email to use discord
    just turn your DM settings up, and dont have your server moderation at literally NOTHING.

    the second one is an actual problem with discord, but if somebody does use your email, you get a notice, from which you can change the account password and lock them out, so its not an overly big deal.


  • Zto_theZ

    JawsHC yeah that would be the case, but you don´t have access to all servers, and you do sleep at some point. This situation can happen on time you are sleeping when you are not getting disturbed by your emails, the damage is already done.

    I´ve literally seen servers you find out that the role everyone had given and administrator rights. Turning your DM settings and server moderation won't fix the problem that user will be joining a targeting other people, on your behalf. The time you change that password damage is already done.

    But you are forgetting one thing from your argument, people who don´t use or know what discord is and don´t even know how to use it there are those.

    Of course, is clear to you and I that we know these things because we use discord every day, so when someone decided to use nongamer person email, who have no idea what discord is never used or heard gets an email notification from user creating a discord account.

    He first thought is that somebody might misspell the email address going to noticing it and change that to right one , but he is not knowing that the person is actually done on purpose.

    Think that scenario and ask your self is it okay to someone create an email address which belongs to another person be able to use discord as not verified?

  • leewaters

    This happened to me as well. I tried to register using my email and was VERY dismayed to see that someone had already done so and had been banned for bad behavior etc. I never received notice of this account creation probably because the email would have gone to spam. Now I'm stuck with an account that is marked with bad behavior before I even knew it existed OR I have to use a different email address than I use for literally everything else online. It's super crappy that this app allows that to happen, when all that is required is some sort of email verification before you let some rogue mess up a perfectly decent potential user's account before he even knows the damned thing exists. Seriously this is a big avoidable black eye on Discord. ugh.

  • A Feldspar

    The same thing has happened to me. I literally signed up for the first time today and found out some jerk had already used my email address. I found an unread message from over a year ago that asked me (in a language that isn’t mine!) to verify my address - so why the hell did they allow the jerk to go ahead and use the account even though I hadn’t verified?? Bad decision, Discord!

  • Zto_theZ

    Precisely this is the reason why the account should be verified before they should be able to use. That is why I made this suggestion, and it makes me happy to hear that you two have the same experience the same time I am sad that you have been having this experience.

  • noemie674

    You're so right. I didn't know this was possible honestly! There's some really mean people out there... I don't understand how people put SO much efforts into destroying others. So sad. I'm sorry this happened to you :( 


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