Allow bots to create client-side bot messages like Clyde


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  • Two

    ^ I agree with the message above. Maybe only verified bots should be able to use this?

  • Bentroen

    I just figured this would be extremely useful for the bot I'm making, and it's sad that it isn't a thing yet!

  • melzhang

    Slack also has something that's similar so may be a good proof case

  • DonV

    Agreed that this is a fairly common feature that can be useful. I'm building a bot right now that, instead of providing info to just the user that requests it, will end up spamming the whole channel, thereby necessitating the creation of another channel.

  • donovan_dmc

    This exists now. With command interactions, supply the message flag 64 (1 << 6) when responding to an interaction, or creating a a follow up message

    it's called an ephemeral message


  • Jack

    While at first glance this is a solution and I was really excited to read about it, after digging a bit deeper it turned out that those are unfortunately pretty useless for the majority of cases. The way they are implemented makes them only work when used together with the new Slash Commands, which in all honesty are very far away from being usable, since they are heavily limited in functionality. I am hoping this will be extended to work independently of Slash Commands some time in the future, for the time being unfortunately that stays wishful thinking though. They also only support plain text, so no embeds, files or images as far as I can tell. It's a step in the right direction though, would just be nice if it wouldn't be locked away behind a different feature that people might not want to implement in their bots for a variety of reasons.

  • Iced Dev

    I see why a lot of people have a problem with devs being able to abuse this
    We could however, ratelimit this feature 
    Like say only 1message at a time
    That would discourage ppl from abusing this
    Also as Kyoko said that a bot shouldn't have access to a user's client-side, it is true. However we can make this so that the bot can only create that client-side message and nothing else


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