Version Information Button


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  • Da Bald Eagul

    Isn't that settings>scroll to the bottom? I iirc it was there...
    Not on PC now, might be wrong


    thats on mobile 🤦‍♀️

  • undermaster
    Scrolling seems to be easy, why still bother to make a button of it?
  • undermaster
    Also for PC, its okay if you can just press `Ctrl + Shift + I`. Not that tiring tbh
  • Police
    Instead of a button, what a section in user settings?
  • GrumpyFox

    CTRL + SHIFT + I 

    just opens developer tools , which doesn't give me any version # information. Even if it did, that's not a simple way for regular end users to find a simple build number.


    It would be nice to have an "About" section when hitting the "? Help" button, or an about link when right clicking the system tray icon.


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