Go Live Support for macOS


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  • TheGameFlinger

    This is mac discrimination lol

  • Pirate2737

    I saw the title of the email I got from your comment and I somehow missed [Chat] before the title so I thought discord was announcing go live support for Mac :/

  • Blazey

    Yes Mac users are sad that we can't show our friends our cool games ;-;

  • Argon

    Boot camp anyone? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Pirate2737

    Yeah I tried that, however gaming is incredibly laggy

  • mint

    we still don't even have overlay support and it's really frustrating lol :/

  • qx

    discord is working less and less on discord for mac w t f

  • Astral

    Has anyone tried using WINE and downloading the windows version of discord?

  • bobaquail

    I've been getting some Mac-related bugs for Discord and I now realize that Go Live is only for Windows... : / Pretty disappointed considering I've bought Nitro for a year because I wanted to support the devs.

  • Natank25

    Yes I want to have Go Live on Mac because in a call my discord Crash when I diffuse my screen of any app .



  • Anonymous

    I just trying to share my DJ-set on rekordbox to my friends then noticed there's no Go Live Support for macOS... Kinda sad

  • Liquid

    bro i just wanted to show my friends how im editing a video

  • iksvo

    There is no reason that this can not work, because video chat in voice channels is possible on macos....

  • Fred the Cat (QUIT)

    es Mac users are sad that we can't show our friends our cool games ;-; 

    es Mac users are sad that we can't show our friends our cool games


  • Scraayp
    I am not sure. But i think it is already possible
  • Reman J. Rahman

    I have same Question ? Why, Discord isn't share it ? for Mac Users, When windows users have a same live at a same time.


  • edric.kt

    It seems that Go Live support is now available, but I couldn't get any audio output from the window I've chosen to be streamed. Is this a bug?

    Here's proof that it's working:

    The Go Live dialog:

  • SuperMate_7

    hey !  Go live's available for Mac now! If you have trouble with the audio, it's because Macs always have been a hassle when it comes to sharing desktop audio. best solution would be to use a third-party app that lets you record sound output from your Mac (like IshowU) as your discord app's audio input. Not the simplest way to go about things, but Macs just be like that, unfortunately.

  • iksvo

    You can always just use soundflower, its a super easy virtual audio cable to use, and ive never really had problems with it!

  • Foxy

    Hi all! I've been working with someone from discord (hi Gabriel!) to see if I could fix the same audio issue SuperMate_7 was having that I've also been experiencing. We tried everything, including the IShowU audio device I had previously installed to try to fix it. Still having issues with no sound, going live works perfectly, just with no sound on any application or the whole screen. Please upvote if you are also having this issue! I'm using a macbook pro. 

  • E-You!

    Tutorial please!!!! 🙂

  • cantiq

    why I can't live streaming in discord?


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