Screen Share doesn't play sound



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    Hi, sorry you're having this problem. Our team is aware of the problem with screen sharing audio from the Google Chrome app. We're currently working on a fix and you can review this article for more detail:

    However, since this website is for suggestions on new features to add to Discord I'm closing out this ticket as invalid.

  • Emily

    Having technical issues with Discord? If you have valid reproduction steps (you know how to make the issue happen every time), head over to and submit a report. Otherwise, hit up support at for assistance

  • undermaster.
    Hello there! I'm sorry you're having that problem! If you would like help troubleshooting your issue, please contact Discord support here:
  • LoxyTheReindeer

    My friend is having the same exact problem. We don’t know why this is happening, but no matter what they try no audio will come through. If anyone comes up with a solution please let me know.

  • T-gamer

    My friend is mad at me because of this we just wanted to watch netflix over dc ;-;

  • odenset

    T-gamer If you just want to watch netflix other than from where you are, you can use socks proxy. It's similar to VPN, but you only need a PC on the access point (in this case your friend's computer). You don't need to pay any money.
    First, you'll need to setup ssh port forwarding from your fiend's computer to yours.
    Second you'll need to install the "proxy helper" extension on your chrome.
    Third, you'll need to setup proxy setting from the options menu of "proxy helper" plugin.
    That's it. enjoy your show!

  • xinbenlv

    My use case is to run a online karaoke party and would like to be able to play the sound back into the streaming.

  • Host PC

    Has this been resolved or a work around developed? Because it's still not working.

  • Lorik

    Try disabling this if it's on, in User Settings >> Voice & Video

  • Klairm

    Any way to get this working?

  • ashhley

    Has anyone figured this out?


  • StickyKeys

    The solution above didn't work and my Voice Settings don't have the options listed above. AllI want to do is be able to use my headphones when screensharing. Sometimes, I don't want the sound to go through my apartment while it's going. I don't get why this doesn't work. 

  • Hasdify

    Also, make sure you are streaming an application, not a screen!

  • oh my

    streaming an application doesnt make any difference


  • oh my

    the only applications that give an audio output are games. It doesnt work for anything else, kinda nuts this is still an unsolved problem after a year.

  • Trixx

    I FOUND A SOLUTION FOR ME, you have to add google chrome under game activity and where it says "cant find it?" it add it and search google chrome and then you can stream google chrom with audio throught the tab it adds above your video connected on main screen


  • ___𝑴𝒂𝒏𝒌𝒖___

    Device- One plus 8 pro
    Issue- No audio for viewers while streaming.

    plzzzzzz help

  • lilith

    i use discord canary to stream now. i dont know if it works for other people but using discord canary works for me

  • sabz

    I am sorry but it has been 2 years, how has this not resolved yet? ( at least for Mac users) if anyone know how to fix this and uses Mac pls let me know! Thank you.

  • joeltho

    I reckon this works for everyone. Please follow the below steps to enable audio while screen sharing.

    Step 1: Click on the screen share button on the bottom left side of your screen.

    Step 2: After clicking on it, and a new window is opened and you need to toggle to the chrome tab and select the tab which you would like to share audio. I chose youtube for my sake. After that, kindly check the sound option on the bottom left side of the window and finally hit the Share button. That's it! ;)

    And btw if you guys haven't watched "The Half of It". It's a good movie.

  • nica

    i found out how to stream with audio!! for windows just stream in a discord browser tab instead of the app

  • FattyMcButterPants (PC/NA)

    The issue has been fixed. Make sure you are not Sharing a screen but instead stream the actual game you are playing. Then you'll be prompted with the following.

  • Mark Joe

    I think the problem will FIX now. Sometimes it happens due to a network error but if it happens continuously with your discord account then you need to apply these solutions one by one.

    1. Update your discord app with the latest version.
    2. Check your PC's microphone setting.
    3. Update your audio drivers.
    4. Take advantage of the Discord Push to Talk option.
    5. Clear Discord Cache Data

    These are the primary solutions that you must try first. There are some advanced settings also but this is enough if an error is occurring from your end. So just apply it and avoid the audio issues.😊

  • sunnysawrav

    I'm sorry but it isn't fixed. When I am sharing my screen, I want to be able to play sound from whatever app I select and not just from the specific app. Don't get me wrong, it is good to have that option but I want to be able to stream complete computer system sound.

  • ZagatoZee

    I can send an OBS virtual camera to Discord for sharing the exact video I want, but I can't define what audio is sent?

    Sharing just a single application doesn't cut it. Want to share an application and a keyboard overlay to show how you're interacting with it? Easy to do via OBS virtual cam - but you don't have any useful audio.


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