Change to the "Display Role Members" setting


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  • Barbecue


    You can solve this problem by taking the Admin role over the moderator role and turning on Role visibility.





    Hello BBQ,


    I'm not even sure if this is the right way to reply to your comment as I basically never use.. whatever this is called, but basically, I know this exists.

    My suggestion isn't to split them up by role, but to split them up by the roles above the one already split up.

    for instance, I have a system that goes like this:

    - Administrator

    - Moderator

    - Junior Moderator

    - Little Helper

    My idea is to give every single moderator we have, regardless of level, the "Little Helper" role, and only display the role members by that specific role.

    I know I can make every single role display separately, but that is not my end goal. I want a Mod section, and a Member section.

    Think about it like this:

    5 people have a role. 4/5 people have a different role. They should all appear above the 1, since they have a higher role. then 3/4 of those people have a higher role. They should again be higher than the 1/4. And so on, until we get to the top person.


    right now, Discord always sorts by name, which I find cool, but not useful. Instead, I would like them to sort by role if you want to.


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