Feedback on the new light theme


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  • Holgast

    I agree on both fronts - the new sidebar is too bright, and the new messages indicator is much harder to see with the new colours.

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  • HihiDanni

    As a rule of thumb, light themes should have a lighter BG for text entry widgets and a darker BG for buttons. The new light theme gets this backwards.

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  • emilywolfgang

    There's waaaaay too much white now. Makes it really hard to look at. I hate it. 

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  • Stellina

    I have a hard time looking at the channels and serves now cause  it all just starts to blend together for me a bit on the entirely white background, and this isn't a problem I had with the original version.

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  • molly

    Can we get back the old contrasting lite theme maybe as a 3rd theme option

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