Message Reply Button like Whatsapp for Discord


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  • Ева

    у меня не работает чат, ничего не могу написать(((( как мне с этим быть? ничего не отправляется, ни смайлы и т.д.(( помогите((((.

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  • Galactipod

    It already exists in the form of "Mention" on the context menu, but I'd prefer if that were moved to the left of the menu like emojis.

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  • Juniper

    Mention is good for mentioning someone, but it doesn't make the callback to the original message, thus keeping the context of the message alive.

    Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, they all do this very well :) I'd love to see this in Discord.

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  • megamtr

    Hey, i was also looking for the same feature but it is somehow similar to the reply feature on gbwhatsapp i guess.

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  • Val Antien

    Unbelievable that Discord doesn't have this basic feature!

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    Discord did made that button but they didn't put that button on the emoji bar. They should add that button.

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