Server Clock/Time


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  • ꒰🌼꒱ Aster

    There are plenty of bots that do this

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  • ForgedWolf

    "I understand there are bots that do this already, but would be nice to just have it as a default with Discord."

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  • KuroSenshi

    pretty useless as idea..

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  • R1zare╰_╯


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  • Princess Sonny

    This idea would be very useful. Bots are not always reliable, and though smaller servers may not have much use, servers with a large and varied audience would really benefit from this! :)

    I am in Germany with several Europeans in other time zones and tons of Americans, as well. It is a hassle to coordinate staff meetings and events, at times. A built-in function would mean reliability and consistency.

    Also, KuroSenshi, it's pretty "useless" to comment that an idea is flawed without stating why or giving an alternative, so maybe next time just don't reply? Not salty, helping to educate, as social skills can take a lifetime to master. :)

    Excellent suggestion, ForgedWolf! <3

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  • VISHNU0419

    Can someone plz suggest me bots to display owner time..?

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  • Asmera

    Yes please! I'm looking for one to.  "Plenty of bots doing this" hm.. can't find any. One that would in his name on the list put the time we ask him to would be amazing. 

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    can anyone suggest a bot that does this?

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  • Buzzy

    I wouldn't "suggest" it but just happen to find one,

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  • Colly

    I am running Windows 10 and simply use the settings Date & Time and then the related settings: "Add clocks for different time zones".  When I simply mouse over the date & time in the systray on the taskbar, it show me both the clocks I have set.  One shows my local time and the other shows my game server time zone.  You can add more clocks and don't have to worry about some game, such as Blizzard's warden security, getting you banned for it detecting some sort of bot.  Blizzard's warden security examines ALL the processes running on your PC and can detect some bots that aren't even messing with their program.  You can add additional clocks in Windows and Blizzard doesn't care (and probably can't see that anyway.)

    You can also apply meaningful names to the extra clocks you add.

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