Make Control-W close discord


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  • TheFutureKnight
    I heard Alt+F4 works
  • donovan_dmc

    ALT+F4 tbh

  • Mynorca

    Yep, I know alt-f4 works, but that quits discord, as in ends its processes. I'm saying there should be a shortcut to close discord/minimize it to the little tray on the right or whatever. 

  • b_d


  • Mysy

    It's such a shame this suggestion got downvoted by people, who don't even understand what this feature is about.

    If somebody wants to have this feature, there you go:


    1. Install AHK

    2. Press win+r, type: shell:startup

    3. Create a new file with .ahk extension (name doesn't matter, the extension does)

    4. Paste content of the gist I shared above

    5. Change path to the icon on 5th line

    6. Turn it on by double clicking


    ctrl+q is shortcut for alt+f4 and works globally (mac-like, the default key combination is a joke nowadays)

    ctrl+w works just for discord and closes it to the tray only


    I hope Discord team will add this feature to the discord client and make it cross-platform.

  • b_d

    @Mysy: Thanks, it works, but unfortunatelly it breaks CRTL+W in firefox for example. Or in :(

  • Mysy

    Sorry for the trouble!


    Hopefully it's fixed now. I've tested it on discord (duh), file explorer, and ms edge. Doesn't cause any issues. :)

  • Rodrigo

    I also would like to see this being supported.

    Its widely used by most programs nowadays.
    For example, File explorers, all office apps, browsers, slack, etc

    Why do I ask for it when we already have ALT + F4? 
    Because for ALT + F4 our left hand has to switch position or use two hands.
    CTRL + W is way more natural since our pinky finger is near CTRL.


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