Make a workaround for missing GCM/FCM on devices without google Play Services please


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  • curbside fuckup

    Discord is just as open-source as Google.

  • Larnak

    This would be super useful! Discord without notifications is like food without taste.

  • blinkerfluid

    Going to bump this because I am affected as well.


    I removed GSF from my phone due to its insane battery drain and privacy issues, however I need Discord for a lot of things, so I made an exception for it. I don't receive any notifications whatsoever and spent forever trying to understand why, only to learn that it's all dependent on GSF.


    Why does Discord need GSF for notifications? almost all applications manage to push notifications without any dependency.

  • Yao Mitachi

    I wouldn't say "almost all" unless you're talking about the apps from F-Droid. Many apps, probably most, get their notifications this way on Android.

    For Discord developers, WebSockets might be a good fallback option. Signal does this.

  • Wonderfall

    Please consider doing that for people who want to opt-out of using Google Play Services. Like said above, such implementation would be trivial. In fact, many applications such as Signal or WhatsApp and even Facebook are supporting that. Discord is meant for everyone, am I right? (To be fair, it can be used without Play Services, but the lack of notifications can be an issue for urgent matters.)

    Additional information: Frequently Asked Questions | GrapheneOS

  • olli

    I would like to support this idea. I am fed up with google services and have deactivated the google play services from my phone as well.
    The app still works, but without notifications.

    Speaking of other messengers - I use Telegram and this apps works fine without Google play services as well.

  • Hyde

    Recently de-googled as much as I can (Calyxos on a Pixel). This is the only app I currently need this feature on as all of my other messaging apps support notifications without Google Cloud Messaging. While I can turn this on with MicroG I would strongly prefer not to. 

  • Skyesofrock

    Very much would appreciate this. I'm actively considering a move from iOS to GrapheneOS and Discord is the only app that would significantly break for me given I manage a small server where I do get pinged reasonably often. Sure, I could use CalyxOS and MicroG, but I would prefer to avoid allowing pings to Google servers.

  • J R

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