Add the option to revert the Go Live "feature" AKA screenshare downgrade


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  • theway

    I agree with this. My friends enjoyed being able to screen share with each other on our server. It's a lot easier then all of us needing to leave the voice channel we are already in to go into a group DM.

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  • Vicky
    Request to continue screenshare
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  • Lolicon

    I really hope this is an option soon, if anything add a second volume slider to a discord user that's just for game audio. That way you can screenshare like the old days while using some new features

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  • yee haw

    i agree with lolicon that would be ideal

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  • Belloxy

    I like the Go Live feature, but the old screensharing was better, we can share everything, more customizable and we can follow multiple screen sharing.
    I hope they will bring back that features for everyone or only servers that had this features

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