More Nitro Game Perks


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  • Tony Foxx

    I think the Nitro Free Games should stay. just because a vast Majority didn't play them, there may be many people like me that paid $100.00 for Nitro & want to keep playing & getting the option to add more Free Games of our choice. It's my opinion if you take our Games away, it will be a bad thing & ruin it for those that want to keep & play them. Don't take fun away from Discord. Keep it  the way it is & add more fun. Why should all of us suffer because of those  that don't play the games ?  I think it's unfair. The Games should remain. Whoever don't play them don't haf too.  Why discontinue it. I want my Games to remain. I'd like to be able to stream my Game play to Friends on my Server. That's why I paid $100.00.

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  • Haile

    I definitely want them to stay. I got nitro for the upload limit, but the new size increase isn't really all that exciting now that I've thought about it. The games made it worth it, and I was going to upgrade to the higher tier once my classic ran out. But instead of upgrading, I'm probably gonna cancel all together.

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