Role badges


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  • montylion

    Just for the records, my code is spaghetti, the Developer roles use case was the first one that came to mind

    2021 EDIT: My code is less spaghetti

  • KyoteKy+

    honestly, this would be a really good addition

  • FunBot™

    Yes should be a togglable option next to display role, and mention role

  • !Lua 🌹💎女
    • This can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing because there are people who put a lot of work in it, but if the discord puts it, the person will get a lot of these things next to the name
  • thomaskeig

    Such a simple but cool suggestion!

  • Moller

    I was about to suggest this! Very simple and clean! I think discord should make this!

  • Ragath

    I love this suggestion. It would make it much simplier to identify users with specific roles.

    Another advantage:

    You see all roles someone has directly in the chat. A color just shows one role.


    For example if you see a message of a mod, then from the color you just know that he is a mod, but he could also be a designer, dev and / or something else.


    If Discord would provide some basic roles with basic badges, this wouldn't force people to create badges for it, e. g. on Twitch there are standard badges for Mod, VIP, Sub etc.

  • Jisu

    Exactly this is a very cool idea

  • montylion

    Discord is adding this (server level 2 only)!

  • thepcwiz101

    Tbh this should legit be free. They added enough at this time to nitro like uploading banners for profiles, stickers, and private threads and longer archive inactive threads option. It's impossible for me to boost my own server to level 2 because i'd be the only booster but also i can't afford full nitro which includes 2 boosts + an additional 13 boosts. I'd love to be able to differentiate people with a role sticker on the side of their name to be like hey i'm a mod or hey i'm an admin or hey i'm a developer. Ik in my server i'd have a shield as the mod role and a crown as an admin if this is really going into practice.

  • KensonPlays

    At least give Tier 1 boosted servers a limited amount of them, like 5 or something. Could allow admins/mods/2-3 special roles to have icons.

  • thepcwiz101

    That sounds fair atleast. Hell server boosters should have one. Like i'd use one of the boost gems as the icon or discord should make it default when the role is created after a server is boosted for the first time.

  • Sniper Gecko

    This is so excellent!

    Badges for Giveaway winners; 1-year of Nitro Boosting(automate this Discord, please); Patreon(if Discord added email connect like with Twitch); people whose Twitch Affiliate accounts are connected to that server, and of course easily identify staff- there's so much this could help with!

    {Note on Staff Identification Badges; we should be able to apply hierarchy to the badge roles as well. For example: Administrator Jacob has the Admin Badge; and Moderator Anna has the Moderator Badge. If they're both listed as 'Staff' (a role they both share so they can be listed apart) Anna shows up above Jacob, because of the letter A. I would request that Jacob appear higher, simply because his Badge supersedes Anna's. Badges should be able to be split into "This is higher than that" and "All of these are equal"(thus defer to alphabetical) and dragged into selective orders.

    One addendum I would request/suggest Monty, would be the ability to choose if the badges go Before; above, or after a user's name, and how many badges are visible, and like with roles, the ability to select hierarchy.

    My thoughts on this are for users with long names, I'd want to see the badges in the memberlist on the right, and long names would push badge-after-name off-screen; and if all before, someone with 10 badges now their name isn't visible. So what I'd hope to see within this would be
    # of Badges before name: [X] Max 2
    # of Badges after name [X] Max 10

    Badge Options:
    Admin Badge (Always appear before: on) (Ranking: appear before all)
    Blurple Hero Badge (User preference: on) (Ranking: Below Moderator)
    Moderator Badge (Always appear before: on) (Ranking: Below Admin)
    2021 Q2 Giveaway Winner Badge (Always appear after: on) (Ranking: last)
    Found Member Badge (User preference: on) (Ranking: last)

    Now, if I've got an Admin Badge and only 1 badge appears before and none after but I've got 20 other badges not showing; I'd want badges to show up on hover still.

    As for badge limitations; 10 default; +15 for Level 1(total 25), +15 for Level 2(total 40), and +30 for Level 3(total 70).

    With my level 2 server right now I could easily hit 40.

  • Sir Villarroel

    I made a bot with a pretty similar approach. It appends/prepends emojis to members in the servers.
    You can invite it in: 

  • Graffiti

    Hi there, I'm sending this message to inform you that Discord heard you !

    This feature is on beta test, so only a few server are able to get it, but heres what it looks like:

    I can't show you what it looks like while activated because Level 2 is required. 

    Oh and there is a Reddit post about it

  • Ragath

    You should read what he wrote.
    It's on beta test and not everyone has it yet.


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