Discord iOS extremely laggy on open


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  • carlosxaxim

    I have the same problem on iPhone X, iOS 14.4.2

  • Kisoune 🌸

    Same, lag hard crash and voice channel are extremely laggy..

  • rikoinu 🌸

    very laggy for me as well, it takes it a few seconds to get back to normal

  • Whis_P

    Yeah, going on vocal channels makes the app extremly laggy, and I don't even talk about when joining a stream. I'm on iPhone SE 2020, iOS 14.5.1

  • SubscripBoss64

    It lags so bad on my iPhone 6s Plus running ios 13.6, it's almost unusable. One time I accidentally started a dm call and it took forever to bring up the calling interface to end call it. It was the most awkward thing ever. (I even timed the second I hit "Start Voice Call", It took 20 seconds to bring up the VC interface.


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