Trigger Warnings for channels


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  • FunBot™

    hmmm yes this could be usefull and I do see this being used for more than just trigger warnings. Could see warnings like "This channel is for memes only" and the user would have to click yes, Good feature


  • Inky

    They already have a lot for people to avoid trigger warnings like blocking out the text. and other things of that nature honestly this is the point the trigger warning shouldn't be happening anyways. because most violate tos anyways. so they shouldn't be going on in your server anyways. 

  • LeopardLover2022

    Well I can't speak for others but in my server, I have two channels that I would like this for, one is called emotional (for sad memes, talk, music, videos, etc.) and I like having a separate channel for it because it can help keep more sensitive and sad topics out of general and other channels. The other channel is called cursed (for cursed images, memes, etc.) and this is good for those images that make you worried for humanity and such. Inky

  • uta


    That's a very nice idea.
    I've been wanting to get one for a long time.

    It would come in handy when there are channels that contain spoilers for the game, or content from beta testing.

    Right now I'm keeping track of things that need to be viewed by giving them a position, but I'd appreciate it if it was a problem that could be solved by just tagging them.


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