Use GPU for watching streams


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  • Zxello

    Which GPU are you using? :)

  • Blastinburn

    AMD Radeon RX 480

  • Zxello

    As far as I know, the RX 480 Lacks support for hardware decoder/encoder generally. You would need to swap in a Navi or Vega card.

  • RaccoonTheGreat

    Hardware acceleration doesn't work for me either. I have an RTX 2080 and when watching a video or directly broadcasting, the video card is not used, as it's used in the case of browsers and OBS when using NVENC. The video encoder is not used at all. None of the options help. I have Win10 x64 and the latest version of Discord at the moment.

    The funny thing is that the program itself can't even figure out which encoder it is using to encode (see screenshot).

    I don't want to contact technical support, because they will start fooling around by asking about the driver version, ask you to install beta or alpha version of Discrod. Have they tried these versions themselves? Can they say for sure that everything works? Can they show a screenshot that everything works? This can all be a waste of time.

    I have no problems watching videos in Chrome and Firefox browsers and when encoding via OBS. In all cases, it's clear that hardware encoding and decoding is used.


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