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  • Nex

    ^ Yes. I wanted to make a suggestion along the lines of making pinned messages in some way actually pinned, and CLEARLY VISIBLE. This would work for desktop at least.

    Users currently do not see pinned messages, and when there are breaking news that require pinned messages, the users keep asking again and again the questions that are answered in a pinned message, because they aren't pinned at all. They are basically just per-channel bookmarks, and that is not noticable. They are completely useless for anyone that isn't proficient at using Discord as a product first, which is not an okay situation..

    Pin the pinned messages please!

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  • Zer0

    This is my only real problem with Discord at the moment. Even if the channel description appeared above the chat box before they started typing that would be enough. It seems weird that pinned at almost completely useless as pinned messages as they are completely invisibility unless you actively look for them. I currently have a bot that spams the chat every hour to explain the rules of certain channels which is not a great solution, but it's the best I have right now.

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