Add a new Light Sidebar option for Dark Theme


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  • Suspense
    good idea and i want this in the mobile clients too
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  • Eclipse

    Love the idea, was about to suggest it myself but first went to go check if anyone else had suggested it first as not to annoy the Discord developers. :P

    I can see exactly why you want it, why have a Dark Sidebar option for the Light theme if there's no Light Sidebar option for the Dark theme? It doesn't really make sense; besides to make the two themes into equilibrium, I honestly think it would just look cool.

    Also, it should be called "Light Sidebar" and not "White Sidebar", considering it's supposed to be in the Dark Theme, and in the Light Theme the special sidebar option is called "Dark Sidebar" and not "Black Sidebar".

    Really hope the Discord developers like this idea and bring it as an option for Dark Theme in a future update!

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  • Mase

    And dark sidebar for light theme

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