Hide blocked users from the online user list.


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  • charitwo
    You shouldn't even be able to see that there are blocked messages in the chat.
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  • Kirstenly

    I would love this to function in the friends list as well, as it adds them to your friends list and shoves it on the online catagory AS WELL as the blocked one.

    I don't want to see this individual ever again in my life because they are a toxic and abusive person in a server I am in, and their name puts them on the top of my contact list... And they are always online. Please adjust this.

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    This would be a huge help! I had to deal with someone who was a friend of mine being toxic and taking me for granted, and they hurt me so much I blocked them. They used to be offline all the time and after I blocked them, I don't know if they come online on purpose because they know I can see them, but I blocked them for a reason and I really don't wanna see their name on my online friends list...

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