Make it so you have to hold the call button to start a call


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  • RPS1222
    Maybe that or a confirm prompt or something
  • Ult1mat3

    Or just look at the buttons you are pressing? There’s tons of these posts about needing confirmation dialog boxes for x y and z features but it’s as simple as not being in a hurry all the time then you won’t be “accidentally” pressing buttons. Why the rush?

  • MrGrackle

    How often do you accidently press the call button? I get that its right next to the other options buttton, but its still not hard to miss! Maybe it would be less awkward if you weren't to rush while going to press the other button. I, Myself has done it once or twice before but its not real hard to message the person saying that you accidently pressed the button. Even if this feature was added, im sure you would find it annoying to have to hold the button for longer or press a confirm button to start a call. I find this feature very inconvenient.

  • Cleffy

    I don't think holding a call button for like a second would be that inconvenient and the feature could always be made optional for those who don't want it.
    People don't just accidentally press buttons because they are in a "hurry". It can happen for many reasons and the video call button for example sometimes pops up right under your finger when you open someone's profile from the server member list.
    I agree that a confirmation prompt would be bit more inconvenient which is why I didn't include that in my suggestion.


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