Add ability to disable "links are spoopy" warning universally, replace with tooltip with URL


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  • StarkPlatinum

    Yeah, really doesn't make sense that this isn't already a feature.

    I'm not 12 years old Discord. Stop treating me like a child and let me decide what I see.

  • RPS1222
    I don't think this is a good idea to turn off. You could accidentally click on something unsafe and that would be bad (obviously)
  • CoryMartin

    > I don't think this is a good idea to turn off. You could accidentally click on something unsafe and that would be bad (obviously)

    You can accidentally click on something unsafe in your web browser too, and yet it doesn't give you a warning every time you click a link, does it? I have no problem with it being an option, but to force it on everyone is completely unnecessary.

  • proFitz

    Why is this being down voted? The user should have the option to turn this feature off if they so choose. The warning should be automatically turned on but please leave it up to the user to keep it on. Some users use discord for more than just gaming. To many this feature is intrusive. It adds unnecessary time and clicks to my incredibly time sensitive job. I’m likely the vocal minority here but please consider adding the option of turning this feature off.

  • Dmitri

    +1, not being able to turn this off is super irritating.

  • TimeLemur6

    Many of us have been here longer than this platform has existed, and don't require or desire coddling. All we want is the ability to disable this feature.

  • RealNC

    This is really annoying. I use discord to chat with other devs and we need to exchange links (to github, API docs, patches, etc, etc) a lot. This is getting really, *really* annoying.

    Please add an option to disable the "open link" confirmation dialog.

  • Kanomore Kenten

    +1 From me

    I mostly use Discord to exchange files with other users, and it really takes up a lot of my time whitelisting the domain. It should be on by default, (cuz you know, 7 year olds breaking the TOS) but perhaps it should be automatically disabled when you turn on Developer Mode?

  • Vaeth

    This thing has been annoying me since it existed. I don't need or want to be babied, let me disable this thing already.

  • TeddyBearKilla

    If I click a link from someone I don't trust I know full well what I'm getting myself into. I'd like for the spoopy link popup to be able to be disabled in the options.

  • Celticwhisper

    This "feature" is obtrusive trash.  I've already minimized my usage of Discord over it and am actively researching alternative solutions for my gaming groups because of the flow-breaking nature of this unconfigurable behavior.  A toggle would make all the difference in the world, but there are a number of self-hosted alternatives that look promising, so I'll be rid of it soon one way or the other.

  • trusktr

    Doesn't make much sense for developer mode to be an option and this not.

    Websites are not inherently dangerous. They are sandboxed. I know not to download random crap from a website and EXECUTE it on my machine.

    The pop-up is a waste of time for people who understand the internet.

  • long.nguyenxuan

    3years passed and I come here and just can add a vote up :( 


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