Optional image compression


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  • Joseph

    Yeah, I get where you are coming from. But at the same time, Discord needs to be able to pay for all the voice servers, business taxes, etc. And you see, as you know Discord doesn't have ads - therefore they don't make any money inside of the platform other than Nitro pretty much. And most people get Nitro just for this feature, so the amount of people supporting Discord through Nitro would most likely rapidly decline over a short period of time, as most people would just compress the images.

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  • compU

    EDIT: Added more information.
    Eh, no. Let me break that down.


    • Discord doesn't make money only from Nitro.

    Looking at Discord's privacy policy, we can see that Discord sells information to third parties.

    "[...] Advertising platforms, which include Twitter and Facebook (and whose SDKs are integrated within our Service), may collect information for optimizing advertising campaigns outside of the Service."

    "In an ongoing effort to better understand and serve the users of the Services, we may conduct research on our customer demographics, interests and behavior based on the information collected. This research may be compiled and analyzed on an aggregate basis, and we may share this aggregate data with our affiliate"


    If Discord only made money through Nitro, the platform would be unsustainable.


    • Increased file upload limits would not devalue Nitro that much

    While having a 50MB or 100MB file limits is helpful, it's not usually the main reason why people purchase Nitro. If Nitro only offered higher file limits, the vast majority of people would just use Firefox Send, Google Drive or Imgur. While I could use those services, I don't really feel like it most of the time. Nitro is bought more for the games, server boosts and whatnot.


    • Compressed images would save Discord money, not cost them more.

    The whole reason why the upload limit is 8MB is to save money. Telling the client to compress the image (rather than compressing the image at server level) would still let Discord keep most of their money, as they wouldn't have to pay for large files. This might get some people to leave Nitro, but the vast majority would probably stay.


    It's also rather interesting that various different companies with different audiences, business models and reach can offer a larger upload limit for free. (e.g. Ad supported, data selling and widely popular Facebook Messenger offering a 25MB limit for free, and User funded, data protecting and niche chat app Wire offering the same size for free.

    We also aren't talking about compressing any other files other than images. (and maybe videos) Image compression is cheap, easy, and fast. Nearly all the images you see on the internet are compressed in some way.

    • Conclusion

    Discord can afford image compression for the general public.

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