Add TikTok as a Profile Connection


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  • GabenTheWiener

    No. Just, no.

  • Ender Tunes

    it's not THAT bad of an idea

  • .?.

    It's Not bad *@Gabriel*

  • KaukoKolka

    i don't want china rn

  • Not That Simple

    I think it would be nice and Ik a lot of people have discord and it will just make discord more popular when you combine two social media apps- just my opinion/ although tiktok is owned by the chinese government it shouldnt be not included, thats racist if its not-still my opinion

  • BplusGames 🎮

    TikTok is super lit in America right now and even more in Europe, just started our BplusGames account there and there are tons of our fans and gamers there. I would love to include our TikTok link in our Discord profile!!

    Discord Team just told me to vote up this topic to get the TikTok link added to the profile - so here we go =D


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