Add a 'Report' button to dms and groups so we can report toxic users


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  • foreverknight

    I agree i got invited to a group that is really offensive.

  • TG Rellygotdrip

    Hey j master is 10 And not supposed to be on discord

  • Auracle

    I'm on the official Minecraft Discord server.
    I disabled the option so people can't message me.
    Yet I receive around 5 invites per day, which 3 out of 5 of them are trying to buy my account for multiple purpose.

    This is tilting me off bad. They can just do that all day, on everyone, easely.
    I want discord to either make it harder for people to contact everyone like this, or add a report user button that will act accordingly to the reports.

  • Mariommsfilho

    The report button can Help the Larger servers Against Toxic Users Pretty easy If one guy Reported This User to the moderator I love your Idea We need this Update Against This chaos How it's easy to find the toxic.


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