Ban Appeal system for discord servers


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  • ctaetcsh

    Based on your other thread, it seems that all of the 'suggestions' you have sent to this forum have been asking for ways to allow you to bypass the decisions of servers because you screwed up and broke the rules.

    Link to other thread:

  • Super Jakchit

    Wow. You’re not trying to be a troll? Dang. I’d like to see how it looks when you actually are.

  • ctaetcsh

    And to elaborate on your 'suggestion', you are advocating for a system where people that pay for Discord Nitro, they can bypass bans because "they feel left out". 

    The reason for allowing server moderators/administrators to ban users is because they don't want that person in their community, and to protect themselves from dangerous users which intend to do harm to their community.

    Again, based on the other thread it seems you have been submitting this requests because you got banned from a community for trolling. Stop wasting our time, and their time with these requests. Just stop.

  • jamessavage

    Hi I have been banned on the Lachlan discord and wondering if there is a possibility I can get unbanned the reason I have been banned because I wrote in chat ban and that was not write planeas unban

  • ctaetcsh

    This is not the place to submit a ban appeal for a specific Discord Server. You will need to contact that servers moderation team to appeal the ban.

  • The Overseer

    Horrible Idea, if you join a server you have to expect the owner to ban you if he so chooses, The owner has all the power.

  • Qwertayguy


  • KelzonMusicDC

    I think this unban system should be added. I had a server owner ban me because I posted in self-advertising to early. I checked the rules (to see if I WAS guilty) and that rule did not exist— I could not appeal!!!!

  • Ved

    Terrible idea. I liked you Ban appeal idea on Reddit, because that could be a way for large servers to maybe have a bam appealing set up easily IF THEY WANT TO. But this... This is just "pay to bypass bans". Even if you won't, many people will I know for sure.

  • i n h a l e a i r o r d i e

    This is a terrible idea

  • PickaxeisGoD

    it should be added but the force unban only works for 24 hours or something. aprt from that its an amazing idea that teaches server owners a lesson for banning people to harshly

  • Vanderbilt

    This is the worst Idea I have ever heard, so easy to abuse and If you dont want to be banned from servers, dont break the rules and dont piss of the owner, simple as that. Hell If you really want back in to a server for a second chance make a new account and use a different IP if its so important to you, having a Nitro = Perma Unban is incredibly stupid.

  • Ved

    Yeah honestly Discord would never add this. There's nothing wrong with an Owner banning you for 0 reason at all. As long as it doesn't go against Guidelines. This could be MAJORLY abused.

  • Ays

    I don't see how this could be interpreted in any other way than a troll, unless we consider conditions that only regard you and your doctor.

    Someone's server, their rules, and their absolute right to choose who is allowed in and who is not. Don't like it, go to another server or create your own.

  • 𝙲𝚑𝚕𝚘𝚎 ♡

    I know nobody will prob see this but I play roblox and I’m part of a rats United group on discord and some guy said to me hey I’m google if you say ur under 13 I’ll give you unlimited points on the google Dino game! And so I said “Alr lol I wnat those points pretend I’m 5 lol” and then they banned me? Like what the heck... I didn’t do anything wrong it was a joke I didn’t actually say I was 5. Idk what to do because I can’t find the name of mods to send a ban appeal and yea I’m screwed

  • ctaetcsh

    This thread is 5 months old and is NOT a ban appeal thread for any specific server.

    Discord Terms of service (available at requires any user to be 13 years of age or older. If you say you are under 13 in a chat room, any administrator is going to have to take that as fact and assume you are underage, even if you are just joking. 
    The best advice is to not discuss your age, joking or not.

  • Ruffles

    Please tell me this is a joke. PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS JOKE.

  • Jiveoh

    ngl this is a terrible idea even his dodgy previous suggestions aside I run 2 fairly big servers 6k and 12k and having people be immune to bans is stupid and even as a buy nitro for unban is stupid too 

  • Sisa

    No, just no

  • erkinalp

    Not supporting a systematic force unban, but an interface for the server owners (and users with unban permission) to review ban appeals could definitely be created.


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