Bring the activity feed back


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  • Papabull

    Absolutely agree - please restore the activity feed and make a button if necessary for those who just can't be bothered.... but don't deprive us all!!!!!

    Not exactly giving me great reason to ditch anything when major change is made without communication or discussion with users preferences.

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  • Ezgon

    I liked the activity tab, a lot of people liked it. Maybe not the library but I used the activity. maybe if they made it so we could choose what news we wanted and a search bar to follow different interest.

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  • DarkGoddessDoll

    The activity tab is actually super useful and i actually scrolled through it often a n d use the most recent games launcher to launch games frequently. So this is really a big pain in the butt. Not including that i didnt get an announcement and found out via an email after i submitted a bug report that they had been removed

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  • Natasha

    The activity tab was such a useful feature. I often found out about cool things happening in games I wasn't planning to play, and ended up having a blast because I jumped in thanks to the news in the activity feed.

    Bring it back, but make it a toggle so folks who don't like it can still do without? Otherwise, I'm just looking at the 3 people on my friends list who happen to be on at the time, on startup.

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