Please revert UI changes! It's not that difficult


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  • Spita34

    ADHD here, can confirm this update makes using discord a complete and utter hell

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  • GlowstoneGold

    Don't fix something that isn't broken

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  • lordheichou

    Aspie AND ADHD here! The change was very jarring. Would immensely appreciate at least an option to go back to classic, like OP said.

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  • Kizei

    ADHD here. Definitely not a fan of this change.


    I'm okay with it existing, but perhaps bring back the slightly more spread out way it was previously as another layout option in the "Appearance" settings?

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  • sianablackwood

    One more ASD user here disliking it.

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  • owler

    adhd, discord apparently said "F**K NEURODIVERGENT PEOPLE" with this update!! very overwhelming 

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  • robotic_scarab

    "The lines between messages on the old layout were really helpful!"

    Just wanted to second this whole-heartedly -- not having the lines between messages makes Compact mode a nightmare for readability now.

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