Removal of divider lines makes it difficult to read (myopia/astigmatism)


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  • LucidCypher

    I can't see a thing without mine.  My vision without glasses is over 20/400, and I need a new prescription anyway, but I don't have insurance that will cover it, so I try to wait as long as I can.

  • LucidCypher

    It isn't a matter of not seeing things.  It's a matter of it now being more difficult for me to focus my eyes on who is saying what.  To be honest, though it probably isn't the case, I'm beginning to feel like I'm under interrogation, so I'd rather not continue trying to explain myself because I often find it difficult to communicate what I'm trying to say when it comes to things like this.  If you like the lack of dividers, I'm truly very glad for you!  I'm not asking that they be permanently added back in; I'm simply asking that we be given the option.  Have a good one!

  • JRM

    I don't have astigmatism, or myopia, the removal of the lines has made it increasingly difficult for me to focus on one message at a time too, and the highlighting on scroll over doesn't help either. Some of us have a harder time than others @Absentt, it's just rude to question it.

  • simon 🛸

    yeah no i absolutely agree even without like major vision problems the removal of the divider has been making it super hard for me to be able to focus on messages and after a while it just gives me a headache because everyones messages just kind of blurs together for me )):

  • Akiirah

    Absolutely. It all looks like clutter now. I also have Myopia or Astigmatism but this is a design flaw, it affects the eyes ability to discern endings and beginnings, separation. Perhaps the developers thought this would help with continuity and flow, but I believe it had the opposite effect.

  • Kazuma Taichi

    Absentt, I'm glad you're able to use your glasses when you're on the computer, but that's not a universal. I'm near-sighted, and using my glasses on anything within arm distance of my face gives me headaches.

  • LucidCypher

    Absentt, Akiirah said that "it affects the eyes ability to discern endings and beginnings, separation."  Though I'm sure it sounds strange to you if it doesn't happen to you, this is essentially the answer that I was having trouble putting into words.  This is why it's difficult for me to focus.

  • Maxxinator22

    Similar problem here, looking at the messages with no lines strains my eyes a little bit and I would love the option of putting them back

  • LucidCypher

    Are you talking to me??  If not, I sincerely apologize, but if you are, I have never once accused you of being rude, I haven't downvoted a single message in this entire thread, and I don't know what made you think that I was angry before, but I haven't been the slightest bit irked until now.  I can't control whether or not other people get mad at you and downvote you, but if you are talking to me, I don't appreciate you making baseless accusations against me.  I have posted three replies to this thread, and in all of them, I have simply tried to politely explain my stance on the lack of dividers.  From your very first message, you came off as combative.


    "I have astigmatism, and it doesn't affect me in this way. I use my glasses like I'm supposed to for the computer; are you using yours?"


    If I'm having trouble with my vision, of course I'm going to be using my glasses.  The way this is phrased makes it sound like you're saying, "Well, if I'm not having trouble then you must be doing something wrong."


    I believe you when you say that you weren't being intentionally rude, and I point this out not in an attempt to shame you but in the hope that you might reflect over that post and consider your words more carefully next time because you truly do seem like a kind person, and everyone accidentally puts their foot in their mouth from time to time (especially me!).

  • Kazuma Taichi

    Further to LucidCypher's suggestions, certain additions of phrases can help modulate the interpretation of one's tone. Text alone doesn't carry any form of tone, so we're forced to rely on context clues from words. A phrase such as " you're supposed to." can easily be said in a sincere form, but is more commonly associated with accusatory tones. Particularly the word "supposed" suggests that the reader is misbehaving in a way.

    Should you want to present an inquisitive tone, one that's trying to glean information that would help further troubleshooting, I find words that carry an air of pondering to oneself work well. So beginning a sentence with "Well that's curious,..." would immediately get a reader in line with "ah, they are surprised by a development" and be able to more easily read questions that follow as the though the typer is trying to solve a puzzle.

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