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  • Doxorn

    I wanted to make a request on this exact topic.

    We have a Clan Discord where we have a room which (should) function as a BOX where members can write their feedback,criticism, suggestions, etc... for the leadership. Currently we can only do this to an extent of Disable "Read Message History".

    This is however insufficient because any member who are online whenever someone write in that Text-channel can see what was written in the channel by that person until they exit discord. Also the message will be sent as push notification to everyone online.

    There is currently no way to make a Text-channel where specific roles can only see their own posts and other roles can see everyone's messages (like moderators and leadership)

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  • CHartaTHis

    You could use a bot or an integration to send messages to, that posts them in a chat channel to preserve anonymity. Or just have requests/feedback etc. sent to a person directly, no need to post them on the sever itself.

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