Option for hiding muted or collapsed categories


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  • DrewTheGeek

    I agree. As Discord has stretched beyond just gaming platforms, more and more Discord servers have large lists of channels and categories. It has been asked for and commented on the ability to have nested categories and channels. Still this has not been forth-coming. If you could hide categories and/or channels, it would make navigating those servers easier. As it stands those same things can already be hidden with permissions on the servers owners' end. There just needs to be a way to control that visibility on the end-users side. Something that can be turned off and on.

  • Matthew Capps

    In the meantime, you can use free bots like dynobot to allow users to self-select roles that have access to certain categories using reacts on a bot-message-- giving defacto ability to curate visible categories.

    But that's a bit of a pain.


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