Drawing on Shared Screen


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  • pedro


  • Jonafire

    Agreed, this would be perfect for teachers who use discord to teach.

  • Hawkizedyus

    Hi !

    Combined with a few drawing and writting tools it would be extremely useful. In my experience it is helpful to be able to use some shape like circles, arrows, squares (etc...) and also to be able to make some textarea to explain on someone else screen.

    This feature is critical in my opinion to incite people to use discord to teach instead of other applications.

  • Overseer

    Hey guys.

    really need this feature - I'm teaching how to develop games with Unreal Editor - and drawing on the screen is quite essential to the point, that in some lectures we have to switch to "other voice chat app with draw feature on screen".

  • Badaran

    I would really appreciate this as well. I am a senior tutor at my college, with many students on my server. Currently, the only factor I could see inhibiting the transition of tutoring services from zoom to discord is that there is no draw on screen function. This is essential to pointing out mistakes and accelerating the education process. Please consider this discord team!

  • Tim Duggan

    Any idea of when this may be slated for production or release?

  • phone

    It's the feature which make me consider whether using Slack or Discord for teamwork. Slack video call supports this feature. Would you please put this feature in Discord?

  • Star

    This is very important feature.

  • JadunSykes

    I'm in the same boat as the comment 2 spaces above above me. Slack has this feature and is much easier to work as a team while screen sharing, please add this feature to Discord to improve collaboration between teams, it would be especially useful for game design. 

  • jp

    I study Architecture and use Discord with my friends all the time. This feature is a must if we want to share plans, make corrections on them  and work together. Instead, we usually have to switch to other platforms to be able to work as we need to. I would love to see this feature!

  • marcomarc

    I use it on slack, i would love to be able to do the same on discord :) 
    also for teaching web development ;) 


  • Ramlock

    Yes, please! As others have said, that's one big reason why some companies can't transition over from Slack to Discord. Some would even be willing to server boost a lot for the benefits to the entire team!

  • Nanozed

    Coming from a Slack background this feature is heavily missed in Discord!

  • Krups

    bumping this! One of the only things stopping our team from a discord conversion from slack!

  • koyama-yoshihito

    This is what I really need!!

    Isn't there any updates...?

  • Kevbot

    Any updates to this? Would love to see this added

  • jaivatur

    Yes! this would be great feature!

  • tofsjonas

    Yes. Happy it would make us! 🙏

  • Arnold Samuel Chan

    Definitely useful,
    but it's 2 years old request. do they even care about this feedback?

  • Lopper James

    I totally agree with you. Having a feature to draw on a shared screen during a teamwork session would make collaboration much easier and efficient. Describing an error or issue in text can be time-consuming and may not be as clear as a visual representation. I hope the platform we are using will consider adding this Draw feature in the future to make teamwork more effective.

  • albert medov

    Any updates to this? 


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