Age Restriction Change


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  • arachnidsGrip

    i agree.

  • eNxah

    you're just saying that because you're 11 or 12 you have fortnite in your name

  • JacksonTheB

    😂 lmao! Agreed eNxah

  • eNxah

    i love how u changed ur name and pfp just because I said that lmaoo

  • Ramen-kun

    i agree, they need to remove this NSFW restriction thing asap

  • Kueva

    First off they really should add parental controls but are to lazy to and dont start with that ''but coppa states'' ik what coppa states and it says people under 13 are allowed IF theres parental controls or they get the parents permisson to use the app and the parent watches it daily. They never stated they could never use it till there 13 but the app needs to have this kinda of stuff for it. 


  • Senpai Glitch

    1. The age limit is needed for this because there are already 12 year old's exposed to bad stuff through discord. 

    2. They are constantly banning minors who are violating tos and the community guidelines. 

    3. Your friends who are under 13 can wait just like everyone else has to you do not see the bars or others places changing ages just because  they have friends under the age limit its part of life. 


    Honestly they should up the age limit because most 13-15 year olds are trolls on discord anyways.


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