Can you can hack people/IP log using Discord server invites


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  • NARbluebear

    There are certain servers that do log IPs, but the moderators are responsible enough to not leak them. To my knowledge, there's only one bot that does that for security purposes (i.e. ban evasion). As for hacking, I actually witnessed one of my friends get token logged by joining a server. They were sent a "free nitro code generator" afterwards, which let the token logger gain access to his account. IMO if it feels suspicious, you should probably leave.

  • PrinceBunBun981

    There is no way to directly get someone's IP address through a server without some external link, IP grabber, or modification to your Discord client.

    A good rule of thumb is to not click on links that seem suspicious. If a server is promoting things like "free nitro" or things to copy and paste into your console that seem unsafe, it is best to report it to Discord's Trust and Safety.


  • Balzarine Mythus

    You cannot get someones IP through discord, period. Contrary you what you've been told by NarBluebear, there is no method to obtain someones IP through discord itself. Now, if you click a malicious link, download suspicious etc etc, then you could have your IP recorded. The server bot you've seen that posts peoples "IP address" when they leave, is bogus.

    The reason is that discord users do not ever interact with each other directly. For example, discord voice is not VOIP. It runs directly through their own servers, it is not a peer to peer connection between members. At no point do you ever connect directly to another user on discord.

    The only way for someone on discord to get your IP address would be for them to trick you into giving it to them. Like for example, clicking a link they send that takes you away from discord and opens your browser.

    There are some more technical reasons why this is not possible, but suffice to say that if someone on discord obtained your IP, then it wasn't through discord itself.

    That being said, if someone does get your IP address it's not really a big deal. The worst they could do is DDoS you (A felony) in which case you can probably resolve that issue quickly with a call to your ISP. You cannot find a persons exact location, or their personal information via IP alone. An approximate location sure, but they cannot obtain your address that way, nor your real name.

    As someone who has been DDoSed before (Because peer to peer connection in a video game) my advice is that if it happens, crack a cold one, plop down on the couch and watch some TV. (Assuming you're 21 in the US, I do not advocate underage drinking)


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