[Implemented] [Idea] Server Feature: Custom Flair For Users within a Role


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  • cryptochrome

    ***love*** this idea. Absolutely brilliant, and absolutely necessary. 

  • CHAD

    cryptochrome Thank you so much! Yes, you're absolutely right-- this is necessary! 

  • noodle

    This is a great idea! Especially for the newer members in servers who are unfamilair with the many different systems each community server has- with them being able to easily identify staff members in chat, it will make everything a lot easier. Would love to see this implemented!

  • CHAD

    noodle I appreciate your support and agree with you entirely! Thank you!

  • Alectbh

    This idea is great it would make it so much easier to identify moderators and admins to avoid confusion

  • PapaD2715

    I really like this idea! It would make the servers neater and organized while people also realizing there is an admin/moderator in their presence!


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