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  • Mimiix

    I would love to have this implemented. 


    However, it would also be helpful to move messages to other channels. 

  • Rana

    this is needed, cuz usually we would make a thread out of some discussion that already started, we can't expect everything ahead.

  • igrav

    This is essential. The current implementation of Threads is pretty much useless outside of events on all of my servers. By the time anyone starts a thread or notices one's been started most of the conversation has taken place in the normal channels.

  • Shaq

    I agree, it should be possible to move one or more messages into other channel or thread.

  • Morpheus636

    And a dedicated permission for it.

  • mysterybear

    Yeah +1 on this.

    Admins/mods can make any message a thread retroactively.

    Users can make their own message a thread retroactively and then this cascades recursively (each reply, each reply's reply, etc. etc. moves into the thread)

  • SuperSaiyanRaja

    I would love to see this feature added as well.

  • Kurokineko

    Yes, It would help a lot to be able to move messages in thread, or to create a thread from a list of messages, so everything is moved as we create the thread.

    So we could both use thread to start a conversation, or to archive an existing conversation that happenned. It would also permit to delete message from a public board while allowing mods to still be able to read it.

    Being able to create a thread from messages from another thread will allow mods to limit thread "hijack".

  • blackscales18

    Please add this, there are many cases when I and other server members wish we could retroactively move conversations to threads

  • RaquelPS

    Yes, please. We need this.

    As others have said, often we don't know in advance when a slightly off-topic message will devolve into a full on new conversation. By the time we realize that the conversation deserves a thread of its own, it's too late to move just one message to a newly created thread.

  • nicolaslienart

    We have a some announcement channels in our 1000+ members server and this feature would save us!
    Please implement a feature to automatically move replies inside thread if the original message is a thread.

  • scaine

    Threads are severely limited in application without this feature. I've just started trying to use threads and it's not a great experience.

  • kontratak

    This is a feature needed urgently after threads came out. No one can anticipate to which direction a conversation goes. And in special channels like photo-only, GIF-only etc. where people can also comment on the material shared, moving messages is a must. I personally don't have the heart to delete a bulk of messages that members send about a photo or something, which on the other hand causes a mess that would never fit such a channel. Threads feature is a pretty good feature, yet without this implementation it will always be lacking.

  • Drahmizm

    It's weird that it didn't happen.

  • KeaStream

    This is absolutely necessary. Over the past few days my members discovered a new fixation and their posts spammed up a channel that would otherwise have had pictures and now it's filled with "text prompts." I don't want to delete them because it's still a creative subject in that channel meant for that, but i also don't want them just sitting there even after we make a thread because there was already SO much.

    An option to select multiple messages and THEN select "create thread" would be great instead of only being able to create it from one.

  • Lenwë


    This already exists in some other Discord-like apps (FlowDoc)

    Messages can be drag-and-drop and merged as new threads or moved to existing threads.

    Users can move their own messages.

    Moderators can move everyone's messages.

  • Jaym

    DISCORD!!! Can you guys make this happen??? We need to be able to move messages in and out of threads to keep everything organized. Gogogogogogo


  • Demistic

    this would make a ridiculous amount of sense, and allow organization of channels and posts MUCH better.

  • Aussi

    A critical feature, really needed, threads are hugely underused because this is missing.

  • David S.-R.

    This would be highly appreciated. In a professional context, threads are a bit too "heavy weight" (for example when compared to Slack's threads). For that reason, threads aren't used as often as they should, leading to situations where discussions clutter up the flow of channels. Being able to "fix" this, by turning a stream of conversation into a separate thread, would help a lot!

  • JuJuBee

    Wow, so a year later and it’s still not possible? I haven’t talked to a single server owner that hasn’t needed this ability from the get-go once threads were possible.

    We rarely know which comment will trigger the need for a thread and by the time we need to combine them into a thread there’s at least 5-20 additional posts by then all related to the tangent. Threads are great but 95% of the time you need to create one out of multiple messages. So far I have to screenshot all texts that I want moved to the thread and post those images in the thread after the first comment. Then delete each one by one in the main channel. It’s a headache and extremely silly because no one can add reactions to those individual posts once they are in a screenshot, or reply directly to them.

    The admin should be able to mass select multiple messages to create a thread with, and it should default to the earliest message selected as the one that remains in the main channel.

    This seems like such an oversight in the design and integration of threads. I see so many support complaints about this subject and about the ability to move multiple messages from as far back as 7 years ago!

  • breezy

    bumped, uncluttering my server and i want to not loose any messages in the channel so the ability to move the messages into a thread would help immensely considering that the messages im trying to move are quite important

  • iPopcorn

    Being able to move messages into threads would add a massive amount of value to the feature. Definitely +1 this suggestion.

  • Oomek

    Threads are useless without being able to move already existing conversation into a thread. We can't predict the future Discord, what is it you don't understand?

  • inTnett

    This is essential, threads have been pretty useless on my channel otherwise.

    Also it'd be great to have replies to other comments become threaded. People don't like responding to other ppl because the convo looks convoluted. Can't have multiple convos going at the same time so most ppl rather not engage.

  • sirien

    Please, do. Without this, threads are near to useless in practice. 

  • AeroDucko

    Just had an instance of going WAY off topic about .ico file formats in the #artwork channel. PLEASE implement this! I wanted to thread the conversation earlier but we were already dozens of messages in!

  • seccedonien

    This feature is needed to make threads actually useful after the need occurred for a thread since they aren't always a planned thing, it would help unclutter and even help to find back posts related to the same subject which to me the basic idea of threads is.

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