Discord has a serious problem with their "Support" system, specifically "Trust & Safety", and they should be ashamed.


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  • michael williams

    Human support seems to be non-existent at this point. Shame. 

  • Giglus

    We are in the same situation. Some pillocks decided to report my best friend's discord server because those people were a bunch of edgy and toxic individuals. They managed to get the account deleted for "hacking", which my friend never did; However in that same server that they reported, someone DDOSd a website and they didn't even get a ban. Shame on the Discord moderation team, shame on you. My friend sent over 4 requests, and all got the same useless Clyde response. That account had 3 years long memories that are now forever lost, and it's all because of your moderation team that won't reviews the requests deeply.

    If someone can get us a contact for an human Discord moderator, and not their useless support system it would be really appreciated.


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